Gen Y Now. Millennials And The Evolution Of Leadership

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Strategies for managing the real Generation Y A new generation of workers is forcing employers to rethink the workplace

Gen Y Now contains the leadership strategies you need to manage and motivate the Millennial generation.

Generation Y, or Millennials, bring new ideas, innovation, and energy as they enter the workforce AND their expectations and demands are unique

In Gen Y Now, top team leadership gurus Buddy Hobart and Herb Sendek explore all the myths about this up and coming generation and show you how Millennials can be your most creative, motivated, and loyal employees

Keep up with current trends and technologies to move your organization into the future Attract the best young talent in preparation for the mass retirement of Baby Boomers and Gen X Understand how demographic trends impact the way your intergenerational teams think Inspire motivation in Millennial employees, reducing dissatisfaction and turnover costs There are 80 million Millennials, and they are transforming the modern workforce

They value authenticity, flexibility, and recognition

This book goes from demographic research to concrete practice, explaining that Generation Y is more than we've been led to believe

Using the strategies in Gen Y Now, you can hire and retain these demanding workers, and the payoffs could be huge

Your organization stands to gain from Gen Y employee engagement if you know how to achieve it